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Overnight Bus to Puerto Montt

All night ride
Backs are sore
Passed by volcanos
Bikes back together

We spent a few days in Santiago, getting some fuel for stove and trying to find remote Internet access for our devices.

In the end we decided not to spend $100 per month for hook-up and we would use wifi only. It will be more difficult to blog.

The route we may take changes as we learn more. This is the way we like it, some plans but not too firm.

Many active volcanos in Chile. In the dark of night our bus passed by a volcano that erupted the week before Christmas.


We loaded the bike boxes on the bus.



Once we arrived in Puerta Montt it took 2.5 hours to re-assemble the bikes and fix two broken things on Janis’s bike. Nothing some good old fashion Red Green duct tape wouldn’t fix till we got to a hardware store.

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Toronto To Santiago

Fly by night
Canada outa sight
Three word sentences
Avoids the bog

Brother in law Randy put us onto a way of communicating events and things using only three word sentences. Try it once.

This method avoids writing in the bog (using 20 words when 10 would do).

We had a smooth 11 hour overnight flight. Landing on New Year’s Day and all was very quiet.

Today we go out to source white gas for the stove, food for the next week, and hopefully a bit of technology (110 volt adaptor, turbo stick for laptop etc).

Planning the next week’s routes and options.


Testing new uv water treatment system

Bye For Now

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Choosing a destination for our 2013 winter biking trip

Well, we spent a lot of time considering four different locations.

1. Cycling Tasmania and parts of Southern Australia.
Pros – New destination, very scenic, warm weather, good road conditions
Cons – Expensive, some roads are busy, not Spanish speaking country

2. Cycling Cuba
Pros – New destination, Spanish speaking, relatively flat, very scenic, relatively inexpensive, want to see the country before major political changes occur
Cons – Maybe too short a trip for 90 day adventure

3, Back to South East Asia
Pros – Interesting, very warm, several places we didn’t get to see last trip
Cons – Expensive to get to, maybe too soon (we were there last year)

4. Cycling parts of Chile & Argentina
Pros – Amazing scenery, new destination, Spanish speaking, not too expensive
Cons – Mountains, desert...

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