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Touring Luang Namtha & Muang Sing Area

This is a lovely area of Laos, with lots of Tribal Ethnic Villages (this is what the Locals call the area). We had 3 days of touring with a great local guide. His name is Ped (Luang Namtha Discovery Tours). We stayed overnight in Muang Sing at a lovely guesthouse. While we were having dinner a Laos volunteer English teacher asked if we would come to the makeshift class room and let his 4 student practice English. We went in and spent a lovely part of the evening helping these 10 and 12 year old girls practice English.Read More

Na Mor to Luang Namtha

Another hilly but great ride. It was 69 km’s with no major pass, but many ups and downs. Today we did 691 meters of total ascent and 734 meters of total decent. We had perfect road and little traffic until we hit Nateuy. At that point we could head north to China or go south towards Thailand. We went south. This was a good road (not as good as the road we were on this morning. There were more big trucks and buses on this road.Read More

Oudamsay to Na Mor