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Choosing a destination for our 2013 winter biking trip

Well, we spent a lot of time considering four different locations.

1. Cycling Tasmania and parts of Southern Australia.
Pros – New destination, very scenic, warm weather, good road conditions
Cons – Expensive, some roads are busy, not Spanish speaking country

2. Cycling Cuba
Pros – New destination, Spanish speaking, relatively flat, very scenic, relatively inexpensive, want to see the country before major political changes occur
Cons – Maybe too short a trip for 90 day adventure

3, Back to South East Asia
Pros – Interesting, very warm, several places we didn’t get to see last trip
Cons – Expensive to get to, maybe too soon (we were there last year)

4. Cycling parts of Chile & Argentina
Pros – Amazing scenery, new destination, Spanish speaking, not too expensive
Cons – Mountains, desert...

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