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Some Fun Days In Chiang Mai

We met up again with Teresa and Al and went on some amazing excursions

Elephant Nature Park.  Many years ago, David rode an elephant.  Since than we have been educated on the cruel ways they have to break the spirit of the elephant to allow riders.  For that reason we went o an Elephant rescue operation and had a wonderful day.  No riding, no chains, no gaff hooks, FREEDOM for the elephants.

(The four mahouts – elephant handlers)

(Washing cucumbers so we can feed the adults, babies get peeled bananas)

(T with a baby)

(Janis with n expecting mother, she could feel the baby move)

(Sneaking between the adults to feed the baby)

(Janis splashing an elephant.  They don’t get mad)

(They get even)

Next stop.  Akha cooking school.  There are many tribes in Thailand.  There are about 80,000 Akha in Thailand and they arrived in early 1900’s.  The older members are nation less, but the last generation are Thia citizens.  Click here for more information about the Akha,

(Making spring rolls, Pad Thai and papaya salad)

Next up at hiking day with lots to see

(Our guides to the hike)

(Time for a dip in the cold stream)

A massage a day keeps the doctor away.

By for now

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Overnight Train to Chiang Mai


We took the overnight train and had a sleeper   Quite a comfortable bed   Hard to believe



We we met a fellow cyclist Sakon on the train. He works for Spice Roads cycle touring group in Bangkok.


We we arrivd in the morning at Chiang Mai.



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Safe and sound in Bangkok


We arrived at our hotel at 4 am.  Smooth trip.


Janis decided to stay up and I had a two hour sleep. Our hotel is near the train station so we popped by and saw our friends Teresa and Al off to Chiang Rai.


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Go Bus to Go Train to UP Express

We took a cab to Tnt University and got the Go Bus to Oshawa, the Go Train to Union and UP Express to Pearson.

We saved lots of money, but without some help from security at Union, it would have been quite a task to get three boxes and and 45 pound duffle bag from the go train to UP train.  The rest of the trip was worth it.

Settling in for a 14.5 hour flight and a 5.5 flight through Shainghi China.

Bye for now

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