Mekong Delta – Part 2

The things we saw were too numerous to mention.

Pigs in a boat.

We rode a ferry full of scooters. (there are 83,000,000 people in Vietnam, and over 40,000,000 scooters).

In the town of Chau Doc, one part of the river has the floating village. Families ave a type of hand made houseboat, with a fish farm underneath. As currents change they move the house to ensure a good flow of fresh water for the fish. Each house can produce between 40 and 70 tons of fish per year. Below is a picture of types of boats they use to commute between land and their homes.

This is one poor family’s houseboat (father, mother and baby)

How the fish farms work.

Water buffalo enjoying the mud.

Snails and ducks.

Making Vietnamese pancakes at a home stay.

David celebrating his 56th birthday (thanks Luce, Anouk and Viet for the cake.

And last but not least, who wants a hot dog?

We came across this barbecue of dog. Not all Vietnamese eat dog and it is listed in resteraunts if they serve it. A few weeks ago we passed a truck full of light reddish dogs heading to Hanoi (similar to a truck full of chickens in Ontario). We decided not to knowingly eat dog.

The mighty Meekong is the 8th largest river in the world and supports 50,000,000 people along it’s 4,500 (5 country) journey. An amazing site.

Bye for now
Janis and David

3 comments to Mekong Delta – Part 2

  • karenarmour  says:

    thes pics and messages are amazing. must be so eciting to be there and see all those things we dont see here. luv u both. keep pics coming! luv karen xxoo

  • Dawn Kelly  says:

    Glad to hear that you won’t be eating any hot dog while you are away. Yikes I’d want to put the fire out! The pigs in the boat are so cute. I am appreciating all the abundance I have after looking at the picture of the poor family living in the houseboat.

  • Dawn Kelly  says:

    Happy Birthday David…What a beautiful cake!

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