We made it to Bangkok

Bikes in a box in Bangkok


Well after 34 hours from waking up in Toronto to putting our heads on a pillow in Bangkok it was a long journey. 


It is hard to imagine what all had to go right to make a three plane trip 16,000 km half way around the world, and only be 15 minutes late. Amazing…..  We got in a cab and he drove upwards of 150 km per hour and we made up he 15 minute delay. We had to tell him to slow down. 


The bike boxes made it with us. Last time in Cuba the boxes got bumped to a flight the next day. 


After a day of rest, we wil open the boxes and see if they arrived safely or if we have to pretend (again) that we know how to repair them. 


New Year’s Eve in Bangkok sounded like Canada. Some pockets of party central (I heard a young women talking on her cell phone loudly about how drunk she was in a square with 20,000 other people, indulging at a bar that was open till 6am. We passed may local homes at 1:30am and they were quietly ringing in the new year. 


Rules of the Cozy Bangkok Hostel


Happy new year to all

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