Jet Lag Is Setting In

Bangkok is 12 hours ahead of Peterborough, so we will take a few days before starting to cycle. We will do the three s’s. Sight see, set-up the bikes and sleep when appropriate. 

We took the 53 bus to the Royal Palace and spent the morning touring. King Rama IX is the longest standing Royalty in the world. The Thai people seem to love him. He and his wife are getting quite frail and have missed some key events lately. His son is ready to take over. The son just went through his third divorce and has three children so far.  The bet is the child soon otobe born to his mistress could be his successor. Lots of legal things to work out there. 

There appears to be a very strong connection between state and religion as the Palace consists of a temple and a palace. The King has some regular duties at the temple. 

The Healing Buda



The bikes arrived ok and we were able to put them together with no issues.  


Putting bikes together


Janis travelled through Central America in the 70’s and comments on the drastic changes in how people communicate in Hostels. Back in the 70’s everybody talked to each other. Now many people (not all) sit on their smart phones and communicate with their friends back home and barely make eye contact with those at the hostel. A sign of the times. 


Bye for now

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