Train Ride From Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan

We decided to take a train out of Bangkok to the town of Nakhon Sawan. 

It was a 5 hour trip and extremely interesting. We took 2nd class service vs 3rd class. The seats were wider and reclined, and there was nobody standing. The third class cars were overflowing. There were signs that it was illegal to ride on the roof of the train. It was starting to fill up where that might have been an option. Pad Thai, cold drinks and other nice foods was being sold by vendors who walked up and down the train. They came by about every 30 seconds or so. Tough to rest or sleep. 


At one point we passed an old temple with 100’s of monkeys surrounding the building. It had a creepy feel to it.  

Ruins with Monkeys


So when the train stops at our station, Janis got the 11 small saddle bags off that we have. I ran to the front of the train to make sure they unload our bikes before they headed north for 10 more hours. It all worked out. We loaded our bikes and started to ride to the nearby town. 

The sun was setting as we are starting our first ride of the trip. Are the bikes ok, only time will tell. Are we ready to ride on the opposite side of the road safely?  The sun sets before we get very far and all of a sudden we came up to a Highway 401 situation with three full lanes of traffic going both ways. It was Sunday night of the end of the New Year weekend and the lanes were full. We had to cross it and there were no lights or underpass. We biked a bit up and down the highway to get an idea how to do it. After 20 minutes a gap comes open and we biked across. 


We install our head lights and flashing tail lights and put on our reflective vests and carried on down the super highway towards town (it has a great shoulder, but still a bit daunting). 


We felt like rookies. We did not have a hotel booked and nobody spoke English and we were stuck in the middle of this city.  Finally a man and his daughter stopped and through sign language he got that we needed a room. We followed them around the town to an underpass and they got us to a lovely hotel. 


Our new friends

 Bye for now. 

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