Nakhon Sawan to Khanu Woralaksaburi. (67 km)

Finally we get to start to cycle. Lots of planning up to this point. Bikes are loaded. We switched our mirrors from the left side of the handlebars to the right side as we will be cycling on the far left lane of the road.

We started at 7:30 and it took about twenty minutes to get out of town. We rode on highway 1084 most of the way. A lovely road, with a sugar cane processing plant near the start of the trip. This meant many sugar cane trucks up and down the highway.


Sugar Cane Truck

The countryside is lush and full of farming. Rice fields, mangos, papaya, bananas, sweet potatoes, durian fruit, corn and sugar cane. Since the 1960’s they have converted half of their forest to make room for farming and urban sprawl.

When cycle touring the journey is the destination. What a wonderful first day of riding. The local peop,e were amazing. The traffic was not heavy and the shoulders were very wide and riding safe.

Right in the middle of nowhere, we came upon a hut with an espresso machine. We stopped and had hot capuchinos. What a pleasant surprise.


Our coffee surprise


Bye for now.

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