Khanu Woralaksaburi to Kamphaeng Phet (68 km)

Another great day of cycling. Flat terrain with great shoulders and traffic was not an issue. We start cycling around 7:30 and the temperature is a bearable 22c.  By noon it is 37c and a difficult slog when you are not use to the heat. 

One of the things that has to happen is you need to toughen up your sits bones. The bike seats are quite hard and this can be an issue the first week. Nothing a little steroid cream won’t help. 


Saw our first elephant today, riding along route 1084. 


Baby Elephant on our route


We are getting closer to the Thai / Burma border. Kamphaeng Phet was a walled city in the past to protect themselves from attacks from Burma. There are still ruins of these walls evident. 


Walls around old Kamphaeng Phet



There are 100’s of Buddhist temples in South East Asia.  We passed an interesting entrance to this temple.  


Temple entrance


Bye for now.

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