Tak to Sam Ngao (70 km)

To help beat the heat we are leaving in the dark and biking at sunrise. 

Early morning start




We started to climb a bit today. This lead to a change in the landscape. Less farm land and more forest. Still lots of rice fields and bananas. 


The people along this route are amazing. There is a hello or thumbs up or a friendly honk every 5 minutes. A real warm and friendly welcome. We stopped to buy water at a small town and the shop owner insisted we have a bite to eat. We sat down to a rice dish only to find out the store owner paid the street vendor for our meal. We are getting just that kind of reception. 



Free Breakfast





About 2 km before Sam Ngao we found a sheep farm/mushroom farm resort. It was twice as expensive as our usual hotels along the way ($36 Canadian dollars per night). We decided to go for it. We are now in what appears to be a rain forest setting. As soon as we got our bikes unloaded it started to rain. We had an amazing dinner at the resort resteraunt /karaoke bar and were entertained by some very off key local teachers celebrating New Years. Our crew let by Lynn/Joanne/Neil Diamond Seabrooke would have put them to shame. 

After dinner we strolled by the carp pond and Janis agreed to do one of those poses. 


The pose



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