Sam Ngao to Thoen. (72 km)

So it rains all day. We had our rain gear on so we were not cold but like camping eventually everything gets wet. Janis’s saddle bags kept her stuff dry. Mine let water in, but I had clothing etc in inner dry bags so all was ok. 


We try to be as visible as possible. As you can see below we wear reflective clothing and have reflective tape on bikes. Also we run with a flashing tail light and a blinking 700 lumens front light. 





Part way through the day my rear tire went flat. We changed it in the rain. We could not find an object in the tire or tube so assumed it was a bad valve. Ten km up the road another flat. Now we know it is a foreign object in the tire, but still can’t find it. Due to the rain, we chose to put on our spare tire and look for the object in the other tire when we get to the dry hotel. Just as I put everything back together, Janis finds a tiny piece of glass and uses needle nose pliers to extract it. Decided to run on the spare the rest of the day. 


Fix a flat in the rain



We biked a little past Thoen and were given directions to a hotel near the major highway. The rest area beside our hotel had limited food choices. We ended up with some grilled pork and stuffed sticky rice in banana leaves. We both bit into our stuffed sticky rice and ate one bite ful and left the rest. Turns out it was pig brains Stuffed in sticky rice. Yummy. 


We to bd thinking dry thoughts. 


Bye for now. 

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