Chau Doc to Ha Tien

Firstly, happy birthday Maureen, Connie, Laura and Randy.

Another great day on the bikes. We rode 95 km today and it was all flat.

There are a few ways to go and we chose to ride along the canal. Once you get out of Chau Doc, you ride the road to Tinh Bien. At that town, don’t take the large bridge but rather ride under the bridge. If you keep the canal on your right and head south you will find your way.

It was like riding to Lakefield, only longer and less curves.

If you get thirsty, there is always a place to stop for a drink on a hammock.

The only problem with drinking lots of water is you have to pee. So Janis asked to use their restroom. It was quite an adventure. The daughter took her through their one room house (stilted house with slatted floor over the canal). There was a mother and baby in the bed. Once through the house they went down a field to three logs heading out to three outhouses over the water. Each outhouse had little walls of potatoe sack about 2 feet high. There was a constipated guy in the first one and the girl wanted Janis to tightrope walk on a round log to the second stall. If she fell it could be a scene from Slumdog Millionaire. She opted for the third stall as the log was flatter. The walls were lower and when Janis squatted the girl was yelling at her to get lower. I opted for peeing in the woods. Below is a picture of a similar toilet.

How about some pink ducks.

Here is a little video showing the first part of our ride today (getting out of Chau Doc).

[videopress Q8zKKotz]

It was a little warm for the ride today, getting up to 41 degrees Celsius (106 Fahrenheit)

Bye for now

Janis and David

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