Thoen to Li (55 km)

It was a rainy day in Pizzaville. The first 13 km were relatively flat and then we went into a 17 km ascent. It was a beautiful ride up the mountain. The grade was acceptable with only a few small sections with a difficult pitch. 

There was little wind and the rain kept the heat down. Still a lot of energy climbing. Below is a link to a little video of our mountain climb. 


          Our first ascent 


There were temples along the ascent and decent. Below is a photo of a mini temple where people offered up drinks and even party dresses to Buddha. 


Buddha offering


On the way into Li we stopped at an Outdoor resteraunt (the one in the video) and we were offered a free noodle meal with ice cream desert. They were celebrating the students on this day. The family below were running the event and made sure we were looked after. 



Our hosts for lunch



We were glad to end the day, as climb days take a lot out of you. We got to town and all the hotels appeared to be full. In the end we found a room for $15. As you can see in the video below, after a day of riding in the rain you hang things wherever you can. 

        The drying room


An the best way to dry wet shoes is stuff them with newspaper tightly and leave them overnight. When I bought the two newspapers from a local stand, the owner was surprised and used hand signals to ask if I new how to read them. He laughed when I gestured no.  

Wet shoe trick



Bye for now. 

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