Chaing Dao to Chai Prakan (60 km)

We climbed another mountain today (all on highway 107). It was very doable and we enjoyed the views. As always the best views cost the most energy to get to. It is just the way it is. 

There are a lot of dogs in Thailand. There are pets, strays and packs. We will update a blog later on dog strategy in Thailand. You have to have one to survive. It is worse than the ride out to Douro on the back roads. 

We met Johnathon. We believe he is fm France and decided riding the mini vp buses was not for him. He bought a bike on a whim and is now starting a cycle tour. 

Below is his spanking new bike, not a scratch o dent on it. All new panniers and a new found spirit for cycle touring. 


Jonathan’s new bike

We spent about an hour and discussed various route for him to follow. We were recommending going north through the mountains and the hill tribes and than through Laos. We are not sure what route he will pick. 


Our new friend

Bye for now.  

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