Chai Prakan To Tha Ton (55 km)

This was a lovely downhill ride.   We stopped along the way and enjoyed the trip. Lots of temples, small villages and rice farms. 


Kids playing soccer on an island on the Kok river


Here is a brief video of fishing in the Kok river.   

       Fishing the KoK River


There is a 9 stop high up a large hill to various temples. It appeared to be a pilgrimage for many Buddists. They Re struggling to retain the young monks and many of them can be seen in the 7/11 convenience store or the cell phone stores. 


A novice Monk


Tha Ton is a lovely sleepy town where one road leads towards the golden triangle and the river flows to Chaing Rai. Tomorrow we will have to decide if we wish a 3 hour boat ride to Chaing Rai Or a 50km ride through the mountains, that passes through many Hill Tribes. 

Gateway to Tha Ton

There was a great vibrant morning market. People from the surrounding villages came in and purchased all kinds of things. One can easily observe how important this market is. People buy things like cooking oil in the 1 litre bottle vs going to Costco and getting A 45 gallon drum. 

        Shopping day


They even sell prescription drugs. 

          Who needs a pharmacy


Bye for now. 






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