Mae Sai to Chiang Saen (45 km)

Today took us past the golden triangle. This is a very historic area. It was one of the largest opium growing regions in the past. Afghanistan is now the leading grower.  India use to be a large grower and England (who colonized India) sold opium to China in trade for. Silk and spices. According to the museum we went through, 1 in 30 Chinese were addicted to Opium. This led to the first Opium war (1839-42) between China and England. The end result was that England was granted Hong Kong and held it for 155 years. The second Opium war (1856-60) was the start of modern China .

Opium was used in a lot of strange ways. They even gave it to elephants to calm them down. Last time we met an ex-CIA person who was now living at the Thai/Laos border. When the Vietnam war was over the USA tried to bring the Hmong mountain people who helped them, back to USA. To do that each member of the family had to be drug free. Often times the family was clean but Gramma would test positive for opiates. She said she had a cold and took a bit to get through it. Hat was just the way it was.  

          The Golden Triangle


          The First Opium War


          The Second Opium War


The Golden Triangle


              The Golden Triangle


We also passed one of many outdoor fitness stations. 

          A little Workout


We found a nice hotel on the riverbank and enjoyed a relaxing evening. 

          Riverfront lodge


Bye for now.

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