A few days in Luang Prabang Laos

This is a world heritage location and is quit amazing to visit. The town is bustling with merchants and street vendors and action on the rivers.  We were here in 2012 and have loved it both trips. 

Sunset in Luang Prabang


A swim at the falls.


We spent time at the UXO Center (unexploded ordinance). This is a UN driven organization that removes unexploded bombs from rural Laos. This was a very sobering visit to this Center. 

There were two wars happening in S E Asia in the 60’s. The first one was the Vientam war.  While things started in the 50’s the first ground soldiers landed in 1965 And left defeats in 1975. This is a war that many of us were aware of rolling newspapers and Walter Cronkite.

At the same time there was a secret war going on in Laos. Until 1974, the CIA ran a secret war in Laos, dropping more than 2,000,000 tons of bombs on over 580,000 missions. A plane load of bombs every 8 minutes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 9 years. Below is a link about the Secret War. 

          The Secret War in Laos

400 bomblets in a cluster bomb

Below is a link to a phone conversation between Bobby Kennedy and then President LBj. If you are interested, the first 7 minutes and 22 seconds are about the secrecy around the new Laos initiative.

          LBJ and Bobby Kennedy Phone Conversation


Below is a link to a video that shows how many bombs were dropped on Laos.

          How many bombs were dropped on Laos

About 80,000,000 (80 million)bomblets are still on the ground that did not detonate. Last week a 10 year old Laos boy found one, played with it and blew himself up. It is estimated that 40% of cluster bombs kill civilians. 

Wouldn’t it be proper to have a law that whoever drops a bomb is responsible for it after the war.  


The UXO in Laos is funded by other nations. While USA dropped all these bombs and spent Billions of dollars doing it, they make big deals in the press about donating millions each year to clean it up. So far only one half of one percent of the un detonated bombs have been found. Below is a chart from the 2012 Global donors to the UX operation. Good to see Canada is active.  

Donor Chart


The sad thing is that now Canada is now dropping bombs in Iraq and are in a potential quagmire.  

          Canada at war


If you look at how many bombs were dropped on Laos and realize The USA left in defeat, then extrapolate how many bombs will have to be dropped to win in the Middle East. 


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