Vang Vieng to Hin Hoeup ( 65 km)

Another day of ups and downs. The roads were in good shape. Not too much traffic. We were not sure where we would stop but when we pulled into Hin Hoeup, we felt it was time. There were lots of fruit stands and some local restaurants. We took a chance that we could find something to eat. 


Along the way we started to see one of the largest lakes in SE Asia. It is man made due to a dam. We saw lots of dried and fresh fish. Some 3 foot catfish at the markets. 

Dried fish

Big catfish

Weaving at the side of the road



Lovely work


Rolling down the road. 

          A ride through town


Both times we were in Northern Laos, we bought some Laos children’s books from an organization called “Big Brother Mouse”. We gave them to poor rural schools along our journey. When we arrived at our guesthouse there was a very quiet Westerner sitting on the porch. After speaking to this gentleman we exchanged stories and eventually we found out that he was the founder of Big Brother Mouse. We thanked him for his efforts and we learned a lot more about his mission. Below is a link to his story. 

          Big Brother Mouse Story


When we finally got to dinner it was a bit of a shocker menu. 

          Hey Waiter, there is a fly in my soup


Bye for now. 

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