Hin Hoeup to Tha Ngon (83 km)

Before leaving Hin Hoeup we captured the Monks doing their 6 am daily begging. The locals provide food and they pray for them. You may hear the prayers at the end of this video. 

          Monks in the morning


The actual ride had a bit of hills and the last 60km were relatively flat.  The last 30 km were on bumpy dirt roads. At the start of the dirt road we shared it with 100’s of kids coming home from school, on tuk Tuk, walking and bikes. They were a very happy bunch (something we didn’t see in the mountains (schools or joyous children)).  

One group of cyclists challenged me to a race. I played cat and mouse and let them stay equal and then let the Canondale engineering kick in. They had old steel one speed bikes with wide tires and loose and missing bolts. I had an aluminum alloy bike frame with narrow 35 mm tires and 27 gears to use as necessary. They always look so surprised when old people like Janis And I can leave them in our dust. In the end we all have a laugh about it. 

Cremation stupas

Even Buddha looks for shade

A message from the local communist government


We pulled into Tha Ngon and spent time discussing weather to stop at 83 km or pass on 30 more km to Vientiane. While looking at maps, Peter (from France) and Chris (from Switzerland) stopped us and explained the road was crappy and there was a 4 star guesthouse up the hill for $25 per night. We decided to stay.  After a shower to get all the red dirt off our bodies we met Peter and Chris for a one hour boat ride. It was a major tradition for this area. Some of the boats were Karaoke boats.  We could just see having our Peterborough Karaoke group on the boat bellowing out a rendition of Sweeeeet Caroline. 


          Rollin Rollin Rollin down the river


Bye for now. 

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