Ahong Temple to Ban Pueng (111 km)

Well we did our first century ride today. It was rolling hills with off and on headwinds. We did mostly highway Km’s as we knew it would be a long day. We arrived around 3 pm and we’re glad to be out of the saddle. 

The last bit we road on the minor roads. The more isolated the road is, the more nasty dogs there are. We were chased a few times today. 

Gramma looking after Junior

Another gramma

Ahong temple

Water buffalo

 Well, women are not allowed to come in contact with monks. Janis captured this monk paying for gas. He leaves the money on the ground and she leaves his change on the ground. 

          Monk paying for gas


You never know what you will see when riding down the road. 

          Nice encounter


Bye for now

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