Ban Pueng to Nakon Phanom (104 km)

It was another relatively flat day, and included one flat tire. It happened during our normal fast morning ride time.  It was a very small piece of metal, and tricky to find. We have had more flats in 6 weeks than all the other 9 months of cycling combined. Could it be the tire quality?  Janis is running on premium Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires and I had no-name tires (don’t ask why).  

One of the key ways they cook in SE Asia is with charcoal.

Every day we pass Tuk tuk’s delivering and selling large bags of charcoal. They make it in these over a on the roadside. 

Oven for the Making of charcoal

 Well the last few days we have been taking riverfront small roads vs highway. For some reason the dogs are extra nasty. It is getting to the point where we would rather slog it out on a highway (with very large And safe shoulders) than travel the narrow roads to get the better views. Our friend Valorie who is cycling np north of us had her first big encounter yesterday. She lifted her legs when the dog came at her. It could not reach her so it bit her saddle bag. Too bad. The countryside is so beautiful. 

Along the way in Thailand we find stocked grocery stores. 

          Tesco Lotus route


Today, we passed a pineapple fruit stand and had a lovely stop where a young couple were making pineapple jam. 

          Yummy pineapple jam


We passed this little family on the road. 

Family on a scooter


Bye for now. 



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