Sabaidee Valley Resort to Pakxong (25 km)

This was a very pleasant up hill ride, first passing the Dao coffee factoy where they roast, freeze dry and package much of the instant coffee for he regin. The plateau is perfect for growing coffee beans and tea leaves. 

While Pakxong is close to the Ho Chi Ming trail, and was bombed quite heavily, they have rebuilt a lot of this industry. 

It is difficult to say just how far back the fields are cleared of UXO’s (un-exploded ordinances).  

Our first stop was at a small private coffee farm and we had the tour.  

          coffee and tea plantation tour

Coffee beans


Next we stopped at several lovely waterfalls and had a dip at two of them. 

One of the falls

Swimming under the falls

The highest falls

When we pulled into a guesthouse in Pakxong we met a field manager for UXO. He said they had 50 field workers in the area, and on this day they found 3 Bombies and blew them up. That means there are about 80 million left. That can give you a perspective on how massive the clean up is. 

He asked where we were from and when I said Canada, he thanked us as a nation For our financial support to his organization. It was a proud moment being a Canadian. 

          UXO Field Work 

Bye for now.    

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