Pakse to Champasak (40 km)

We rode on the south side of the river and it appears that there was a better road on the north side. Either way, an ok ride towards the 4,000 islands. 

Lots of colleges along the way. Small campuses each with a different focus. 

Lots of fruit in season

Many young people know how to use sling shots. Janis stopped and spoke to some local boys near a woods and she saw them pick off several geckos with sling shots. They take them home for food. 

Sling shots

Sun set in Champasak

Rice noodles drying

Did you know tapioca was a root?  We didn’t. It is the cassava root. 

          Casava root wikipedia


Tapioca factory

Champasak is home to a very ancient temple Vat Phou Originally built in the 5th century. Originally it was a Hindu temple but changed to a Bhudist temple. India is helping to pay for restoration of this temple (Hindu origin). It is associated with Anchor Wat in Cambodia e there was a 250km trail between the two templeS but it has since disappeared. 

          Our day in Champasak


The dogs in the video actually don’t bother cyclists. They are Laos dogs. If this was Thailand it would be a different story. Not sure why dogs can behave so differently but they do. 

Bye for now.

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