Luang Prabang to Pakmong

This was a lovely ride. It was 115 km in total we decided to get a tuk tuk out of Luang Prabang and biked about 85 km into Pakmong.

There are lots of hills and a large assent at the 70 km mark. The road is in great shape with a few small broken stretches. Traffic was quite lite. The people are so laid back, polite and kind. We passed small villages along the way.

If parents saw us coming, they would often get the children out on the street to wave and say hello. It is quite a welcoming experience. It appears that these roadside villages sprung up from the presence of the paved road. They use to live further up in the mountains.

Some shots from the day.

People collecting river weed (we have eaten this in soups along the way.

In Pakmong we sayed at a $6 a night room behind the old bus station. You get what you pay for, but we had no choice. A lovely elderly couple owned it.

Sign at the bus station, near our room.

Sleeping with one eye open.
Janis and David

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