Don Khon (Laos) to Stung Treng (Cambodia) (82 km)

We had a chance to visit several waterfalls on Don Khon and on our way to Cambodia. We did not plan on biking south to Cambodia but after hearing about some routes we made yet another plan B.

This was a tricky day as we had to get a ferry boat to the mainland, go through a customs checkpoint and try to beat the heat.

One mile wide waterfalls


Janis at the falls


Crossing the border

The crossing took long as we didn’t have any more photos and our passports did not have any blank pages. He just laughed when I said to cover the page with a stamp from Chile. Also we had to pay the customary overtime bribe of $1. We hear if you refuse to pay it they will just hold onto your passport for up to one hour. It was worth $1 to save the hour.

We ended up riding until 4 Pm today. This is something we always try to avoid, especially as we bike south in March. We tried to stay hydrated but probably didn’t have enou electrolytes and next time we would drink more juice and coke. We both felt unwell during the afternoon and into the evening.

Hot hot hot video


When we arrived in Stung Treng we chose a NGO run hotel where students were learning hospitality and cooking and they ran the hotel. While the hotel was very basic we were treated like a five star hotel when it came to service. This is a great way to help these people break their cycle of poverty.

La Tonle Guesthouse


Bye for now.

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