Nong Khiag to Muang Khoua by boat

We took an amazing 5 hour boat ride up the Nam Ou river. They placed our bikes on the boat along with the luggage. There was a slight charge for each bike.

At this time of year,there are many rapids and our 45 foot long by 4 foot wide long-boat took them head on. There were a few hairy moments but the driver appeared to know what he was doing. There were about 6 tourists on the boat and about 12 local people.

Our first stop was one hour up the river at Muang Ngoi. We decided not to stay here, even though it looked like a nice stop. Many years ago, one could live there for $1 per day and all the Opium you could consume. They have upgraded the village and eliminated the Opium dens.

Next we carried on for 4 more hours up river, stopping at various villages. The locals disembarked with handbags full of supplies and trekked up the hill to their huts. Life along this river is wholesome and vibrant. Children were swimming and playing all along the route. Water buffalo frolicked in the waters at every turn.

Along the way there were many people searching the river for river weed. We have eaten this at lunch and dinner (especially in soups).

Bikes on a boat.

One of the passengers on the boat with us. He was so excited when he got to his remote village along the way.

Collecting river weed for resteraunts, an important industry for the locals.

Laos version of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Fishing the river.

Home made bamboo raft.

A lovely couple on the river.

Shooting the rapids. Quite a thrill.

[videopress 21ULYwVu]

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  • Sue and Larry Oakley  says:

    Elephant ride ? What next wrestling with a gater? Have fun and keep us posted.Loving your adventure. Cheers.

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