Chiang Sean to Chiang Khong – 70 km

the start of this ride was amazing travelling long a relatively flat road along the Mekong.

It was a light rain until noon.  Than things got quite interesting.


Firstly the heavy rains set in and stayed the rest of the day. Next came one  steep climbs (not long, but very steep). By now we are soaked through and probably have picked up 5-7 pounds of extra weight from the water in our shoes, socks, soaked through our coats etc. Next came construction and the mud.


When end we finally made it to Chiang Khong, we asked the hotel manager if there was a garden hose.  He took us to the front of his property and hosed us down. We had that much mud on our clothing, bikes and saddle bags.


We we passed some rubber trees.


The rubber was flowing.


Click here to find out what the heck Janis is wearing


Click here for a brief video of Chiang Sean to Chiang Khong


Bye for now


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