Yen Chau to Moc Chau – 59 km

Downhill at the start and uphill at the end. During the ride we decided to take a rest day in Moc Chau to rest our sore parts (mostly sore sits bones). That  is the advantage of not booking ahead, you live in the moment and can change plans on a dime.

We met two Belgium cyclists going the other way.  One of them appeared to be a road warrior.  Some of them have been on the road more than two years.  While we like cycle touring we don’t like it that much.

Leaving the hotel, a local lady wanted a photo with the bike.

Rest on the side of the road.


Another war monument.


Are we lost???  Apparently not.


Shot of the valley and the other side.


A lady selling sweet pomelo , a sweet orange type thing

A lady we met

A home made bamboo bridge that is strong enough to hold skooters



We came across a village rebuilding their bamboo bridge.  Once thy started they had to finish as it was a lifeline to and from their community. Grafton  Mike, if only the 407 could be built in a day.

Click here for a brief video on repairing a bamboo bridge


This is a sweet product we bought and had for lunch. It was amazing. It is called Banh Gai. Later at the guesthouse we watched the video below and realized it was a vehicle to deliver about 5 different kinds of sugar to your blood stream.

Click here to watch how to make Banh Gai


Bye for now.


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