A days rest in Moc Chau- 0 km

We did some blogging, yoga, bike repairs and some planning for the next 10 days.

Starting January 26th it is the Chinese New Year and Tet. Combined these two holidays last about 1 week. In that week most things shut down, including lots of services and public transportation. You have to either clear out of the country or honker down for about a week.

It would be like pulling into Toronto on Chriatmas eve and planning two days of sight seeing.  Only here it lasts a week

We hope to spend some times in Han Oi and some on the coast

Click here for a video about New Years trees



Moc Chau is very famous for its dairy industry.  We visited a local dairy farm to see the operation.

This is the first time we have seen cheese in three weeks .

Click here for a video on a local dairy farm


Bye for now

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