Moc Chau to Mai Chau – 60 km

Another great day of cycling. Up and down in the morning and the last 25 km all downhill. We even had sunshine. Apparently this area has been cloudy no rainy for a week.

Moc Chau is on a plateau and Mai Chau is in a valley and off the main road.  Lots to see here including ethnic villages with home stays and lots of had crafts.

So we just completed 980 km mostly in mountains. Now we will be stopping for one week for TET. Tomorrow we will get a bus ride to Ha Noi  (120 km).


Leaving our Moc Chau hotel.


Below are some photos of the day.



Below is a sign for an Ethnic Homestay.  Sometimes you are not always sure of what you are being fed.   Janis saw a string of dead tree rats on their property so that may end up in the soup tonight.

Pizza lunch. This young man and his wife are saving to build and open a Homestay in his village about 100 km from Mai Chau.  They envision tracking Etc.

View of rice fields outside our hotel window.

Click here for a video of today.

Bye for now


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