Thanh Hoa to Yan Kat – 63 km

It was nice to get off highway 1.  It was a lovely quiet ride on why 45.

Eventually we hooked up to the Ho Chi Minh Highway.  We will be following this road for about 500 km.


We are now eating lots of Binh My.  They are a fried egg on a baguette, on the street.  When you eat on the street, you can see what they have in the kitchen. We are seeing lots of signs for dog soup and cat soup so we are on guard.



A man we met on the road.

We took the only hotel in Yan Kat.  We were the only overnight guests. We think there were people renting by the hour if you know what we mean

Janis organized a dinner for us by the hotel owner for 6 pm.  We went down for dinner and they decided not to make dinner so we got our iPad and went on to the street to find a dinner   Google translate helps a lot.

Bye for now

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  • Anonymous  says:

    …… guys are so amazing….do stay away from the dog and cat soup….please!

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