Huong Khe to Phoe – 78 km

For some reason, both of us are still having sore sits bones from 4-6 hours per day in the saddle. Usually by this time in a ride we have built up resistance.

So Janis took an Aleve and I wore two pair of padded biking shorts, with the second pair inside out.  A little restricting but it worked out ok.

Yesterday we passed this sign and thought about heading back into Laos for a week or so, but decided not to take on that hardship. It is very rural Laos (south of the Plain of Jars).  This is one area of Laos we never got to.

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We bikes into this tiny rest area and were the only ones there  all of a sudden 3 sleeper buses full of people going to Laos arrived and we found out they sold hot food  we had a nice rice and vegtable lunch for $1.50 each.

Click here for a brief video of Huong Khe to Phoe


This is a page we borrowed from a blog entry on Crazy Guy On a Bike.  We like to know a little about the days ride ahead of us if it is available.


Words can’t explain the luxury of staying in Phoe. We could actually not find the town on any of our maps. We were able to finally get some cooked rice and egg and the lady basically sat beside us on watched us eat half our meal.

Dogs everywhere, and even a big monkey in a tiny cage?  We felt badly for the monkey, but could do nothing about it.

Went through the kitchen a few times to get to our room.  I kept my head up so I would not focus on what might be walking around the kitchen.

This is our $10 per night room, no sheets on the bed but newish looking blanket. We carry small air mattress and a silk liner just for this reason. This is actually cycle touring at its best, shitty or no food, and rooms that you would not enter back home.  And this was the best of the three hotels we looked at.  While this doesn’t happen often, you have to be mentally prepared for it.

The room beside us appears to be rented by the hour that day.

Bye for now

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