Cue Viet Beach to Hue – 86 km

Another lovely ride day.  The only issue was a strong headwind that added lots of time to the trip. We took back roads that had little traffic and very narrow.


The three biggest things we saw were 100’s of large grave sites stretched over 30 km, many ornate temples, and lots of large shrimp farms. We thought they were tilapia but found out later in the day they are shrimp farms .

We think Vietnamese people who fled to first world nations are brought back for burial in this region.  Very large and elaborate grave sites.

The soil is sandy so maybe the plots are not very expensive to buy.


We grabbed a photo of our menu this am.  Swamp Eel.


Here are the swamp eels


They definately need a turtle and frog trauma Center.

Poor turtles and frogs.

Our lovely hotel staff


Leaving Cue Viet beach.


Lovely river.  Somebody needs a haircut.

Grabbing buns for road lunch.

A war memorial.


More grave sites.

Click here for a brief video from Cue Viet to Hue

Bye for now.

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