Lang Co Beach to Da Nang – 45 km

This ride more than made up for yesterday’s ugly ride.

Sunrise at Lang Co

Checking the brakes before we do the pass




We started  to climb about 4 km after leaving Lang Co Beach.  Today we ride the Hai Van Pass.  The weather is prefect, the view at the top appears to be clear (no clouds), and the traffic is light.  Busses and most trucks use the long tunnel through the pass  therefore only tourists and fuel trucks use the pass.


We we settle in for the ride up.  We both felt this was one of the best engineered passes we have travelled with littl of the climb over 9 %.


Starting the climb




We we made it


And met a group of cyclists


After a nice stop on the top we enjoyed the ride down to Da Nang.


Click here for a brief video Lang Co to Da Nang


Bye for now.



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