Massages In South East Asia – Lessons Learned

Well, we have had about 10 massages so far. Some include hot towels, hot stones, hot oil, hot glass jars and even one that had something like A535 rub.

And then there was the massage in central Vietnam. After a long hot day of biking, I booked us each a massage. This was not unusual, but what happened next was. We were at a relatively expensive hotel (the only one we could find). In the basement was a Karaoke /spa massage. We were taken to our perspective rooms. Part way through Janis’s massage, the young lady asked Janis to open here eyes. From there she gently touched Janis’s nose and asked “was yer name”. In a motherly stern voice Janis cut off the advance and the massage was finished.

Meanwhile, in my room, the young lady asked if she could crawl into the bed with me. I refused and that ended my massage early. I waited in the lobby until Janis came out. We paid for the massage but things got ugly when there was no tip for the hookers (our massage ladies).

We were at what was called a karaoke/massage parlor with HAPPY ENDING.

From then on, we always carefully checked out the type of massage parlor we entered. Boy were we ever naive.

In Peterborough when we go to Karaoke with Lynne and her posse, our idea of a HAPPY ENDING to the night is a group sing and dance to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

Janis and David

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