Castro to Chonchi (38 km)

Route decision made
Booked our ferry
Bike for days
Boat for days

Before cycling out of Castro we visited the old Woden church (UNESCO is helping restore it)




We met a new friend from Vancouver, Nick. He is on a motorcycle and has done 55,000 Km’s so far on hiss 18 month trip.


We have a few options off the island and have decided to bike to the bottom of Chiloe and take a 28 hour ferry ride to Chacabuco. There was lots of research done on weather to take this route or take the 8 hour ferry rode to Chietien. By taking the southern journey we will see more of the coast and miss a few hundred Km’s of ripio.

Lots of construction today along the rolling hills at times it felt like a ride along the Old Norwood Road with bigger hills.

We arrived at Chonchi late in the day.


Our hostel was 130 years old and the innkeeper was a minimalist who rented the abandoned building, chased the mice out, renovated it, and now has guests. From her log book it appeared we were her first non Chilean guests. At first we were not impressed, no hot water, no refrigeration, and no locks on the door. Once we adjusted our expectations, the beauty and uniqueness of the moments spent in this hostel appeared to us.





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