El Blanco to National Park Cerro Castillo (25 km)

Climb, climb, climb
Hot, hotter, hottest
Horse fly infestation
Like flying piranha

We left El Blanco and started the climb. Not too steep but lots of it.

We met a lady, Nicole, who was walking the same route we were biking. She walked 22 km per day with a full back pack, including food in a pouch on her shirt and supplies in the bottom of her pants (whatever it takes).

We are on the Carretera Austral, a famous highway in Chile, built by Pinochet.

Click here for more information on Carretera Austral


We even heard there was a man on rollerblades pulling a little cart a few days ahead of us.

Every once in a while there are roadside monuments put up by truckers to watch over the highway.


Birds along the way.


It was so hot that sometimes you rested in the bushes away from the sun.


We setup camp in this lovely park, only to be put under siege by 100’s of horse fly’s.



Anybody who camps knows those most sacred moments while camping.
The cup of tea after setting up camp.
Falling fast asleep in the tent
Hearing strange noises and letting your mind wander, thinking it might be a bear or cougar.
Wake up call from the birds (this morning a flock of parrots woke us up)
That first cup of coffee.

The one other memory I had as the middle of the night pee. Waking up groggy, I climbed out the tent, found my way to the edge of the forest (so I thought). There I was alone with Big Jim and the twins. Actually Jim was not so big and it was so cold I am not sure where the twins got to. It was busy with the task at hand when two women with head lamps aimed their 10,000 watt led lamps at me. Only then did I realize I was not at the edge of the forest but beside the road. All I could think of was George Costanza trying to explain shirinkage to Elaine. For the life of me I could not remember the Spanish word for shrinkage. The life of a camper.



J and D

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