Da Lat to Di Linh

This was an 80 km day with lots of downhill out of Da Lat. we spent hours cycling through coffee, tea, flower and silkworm farms. There were also lots of vegetable and fruit farms.

We started at 4,900 feet above sea level and ended at 3,100 Ft. We climbed about 1,200 feet throughout the day. We left the hotel at 6am to get an early start. We got caught in lots of am rush hour traffic to a local college (100′s of motor bikes). During the decent the traffic was light with a few large trucks and busses during the main decent. The pavement was excellent with little problems along the was.

The stops along the way were extremely pleasant, and again our bikes and us were a bit of an oddity to the locals. The coffee and green tea was great and the food was also great and plentiful from the many street vendors.

Each town presented increases in traffic (which we are use to now). We arrived in Di Linh before noon.

We found a beautiful hotel. The rooms were palacial. Janis checked the room (we always make sure they are big enough to hold our bikes). She was satisfied and said it was only 140,000 Vietnamese dong. (that is about $7 Canadian).

The currency exchange is 20,000 dong per Canadian dollar. It costs 30,000 dong to do an ATM withdrawal of 2,000,000 dong. ($100 cad dollars). Luke, it is like playing with monopoly money in Tofino.

This is a $5 bill.









Part way through the evening Janis wondered if she heard the hotel manager correctly (maybe it was ($140 Canadian). We checked and it was $7 per night, sweet.

We settled in and enjoyed eating some candied flowers (real flowers from Di Lat). Janis said they were quite tasty.

















In the end, three meals plus hotel cost us $17 for the day.

Have a nice weekend

Janis and David

2 comments to Da Lat to Di Linh

  • Dawn Kelly  says:

    Hi Janis & David
    What a wonderful journey! I looked on google maps and we will be following the trip from here. It is interesting to hear about your adventure and then look up exactly where you are online. The joys of technology! Just the thought of fruit stands, street vendors, great coffee and tea combined with beautiful ever changing scenery, wonderful people, and good weather make me yearn to go bike riding too.That is my kind of Hotel with candied flowers…and what a deal! Where are you planning to be for Lunar New Year Celebrations? Be Safe and keep us posted we are along for the ride. Love you, Dawn,Dan & Luke

  • John Campbell  says:

    $7.00 a night – sign me up! I think I’ve paid more for bottles of water at some places. At this right, you’ll be coming back with money still in your pockets. Who knew?

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