Back On The Bikes in the Mekong Delta

The real TET celebrations happen after the lunar New Year. We chose an assisted ride for 4 days through the Mekong Delta. This assisted ride is designed not to ride on the main highways. It was an amazing excursion.

We decided to travel with Sinhbalo Travel adventures out of Saigon ( We had an amazing tour guide (Viet) and he knew the history of the delta and had lots of stories to tell. We spent 4 wonderful days with 4 new friends, Luce & Anook (from Amsterdam and Francine and Frank from Germany (although they both currently live in China.













The mighty Mekong is about 4,500 km long, starting in China, passing through Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is an amazing social, cultural, economic and lifestyle element of the delta. Fishing and farming are key in this area.

We took a boat to an island and had some rice wine to ring in the new year.













There are many canals and they expect and need floods every rainy season, as it is part of the annual agricultural cycle (washes away the excess chemicals in the ground).

We travelled a lot by bike and boat. The sights and sounds were spectacular.





Sweet dreams

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  • Dawn Kelly  says:

    We are right along with you. Love the video clips. Luke is enjoying the adventure too!

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