About Janis & David

We have a shared passion about cycling and seeing the world, one kilometre at a time.

In 2012, we cycled parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Thailand. It was amazing.

In 2013, we cycled Chile and Argentina, and had a wonderful time.

In 2014 winter, we cycled the Orient side of Cuba and enjoyed it.

In 2014 summer, our friends Karen and Peter joined us nd we cycled Denmark.

In 2015 we are cycling South East Asia again (different sections).

4 comments to About Janis & David

  • Tram  says:

    Hi, Janis and David!
    I’m a little new friend on your journey. nice to see you! your adventure that’s so fantastic. I like your blog whereby I can see photos and clips on your adventure, where are i have never been to visit. Have an interesting on your journey!

  • pete hewett  says:

    hey uou two: just loving your blog – save up for a few days so i can read them all at once and try to capture the flavour of your trip. take care & keep riding.

  • Joanne Darling  says:

    Hi Janis and David. I finally had the chance to read through your blogs and look at your photos and videos. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all. What an awesome adventure you’re having. Glad to see that it’s going so well. Looking forward to the next entry. Love Joanne

  • Jean-Paul Gabert  says:

    I just discovered your blog, the journey, and the story behind it. I am amazed by what I saw.
    Happy to see it’s going so well. Thanks for the pictures and the dreams they bring! Kind regards.

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