Chiang Khong to Houay Xai (Across to Laos). – 25 Km

we stayed a few extra days in Chiang Khong Thialand to wait for the heavy rains to pass.

We crossed the border and stayed in Houay Xai for the night. This allowed us to find SIM cards for the iPads.  It costs $8 a month for 5gb of data.

Ready to get on the road again.

Bye for now

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Waiting out the rain in Chiang Khong

As you may be aware the south of Thailand had severe flooding in January.

The north got an unseasonable 3 days of rain.

We decided to wait it out.


We stayed at an amazing guesthouse. Day’s Riverside Gueshouse.  Here we are with Mr. and Mrs. Day.  They were so friendly and so helpful.


We met Jamie from England. We spent some tome discussing routes in Vietnam. She just came from there. She has cycled for the last 16 months from England to Thialand.


Click here for a little Chiang Khong video

Bye for now

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Thailand is morning the death of their beloved King


King Rama IX died October 13, 2016. He ruled for the last 70 years.  He was a very important figurehead and helped develop the Kingdom of Thialand along the way.

The people seemed to truly love him. It is against the law to say anything bad about the king.



His wife Queen Sirikit is still alive. Their son is now King Rama X.

The has lived a privileged life and does not seem to be as respected as his father.   Time will tell how he does.  Below is his photo.



Bye yes for now.

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Chiang Sean to Chiang Khong – 70 km

the start of this ride was amazing travelling long a relatively flat road along the Mekong.

It was a light rain until noon.  Than things got quite interesting.

Firstly the heavy rains set in and stayed the rest of the day. Next came one  steep climbs (not long, but very steep). By now we are soaked through and probably have picked up 5-7 pounds of extra weight from the water in our shoes, socks, soaked through our coats etc. Next came construction and the mud.

When end we finally made it to Chiang Khong, we asked the hotel manager if there was a garden hose.  He took us to the front of his property and hosed us down. We had that much mud on our clothing, bikes and saddle bags.

We we passed some rubber trees.

The rubber was flowing.

Click here to find out what the heck Janis ...

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Chiang Rai to Chiang Sean – 73.4 km

Very pleasant trip on mostly back roads.


We visited the Black Temple (Black House) on our way to Chiang Sean

Click here to lean about the Black House


Another soup lunch.

Chiang Sean is on the mighty Mekong River and is in the Golden triangle.

The golden triangle has a long sordid history in the opium trade and continues to be a hub of drug activities.  Thailand has worked hard to redeploy their farmers into growing fruits and vegetables instead of opium.

We have read a lot about the history of this area.


Click here for Golden Triangle Wikipedia


Click here for Allegations of CIA drug trafficking


Now for something lighter.  Our hotel is on the Mekong River.


Click here for a brief video at Chiang Sean


Bye for now



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A Few Days In Chiang Rai

We stayed two nights here to give us a tourist day.  Many cycle tourists can bike all day and do 3-4 hours of tourist stuff when they arrive.  We add a day if there is that much to see.  Often times, the journey is the destination.


we took a local bus for $0.80 each way to the white temple  a tax would have cost about $45 each way

The white temple is actually a privately build sculpture.  It is an amazing pice of art.  We arrived at 3 pm only to find that they were starting their monthly staff meeting  at 3 pm and the inside was off limits.  Janis had read that the inside was unremarkable, so maybe we didn’t miss much.





Click here for Wikipedia about the white temple



Click here for a brief video of Chiang Rai

Bye for now.

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Fang to Tha Ton – 30 km & 3 hour boat to Chiang Rai


Again the ride was up Hwy 107. Not many hills. Somebody called it a Cycle Fit ride.

Janis did a lot of training this fall in Canada at cycle fit spin classes and is in good shape.  David did not and is building up stamina as he goes.

Fresh tangerines are in season and are everywhere.

Yummy lunch.



Bike n barge 3 hour trip.

Hot springs along the way.

Summary video of Fang to Chiang Rai


Bye for now


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Chiang Dao to Fang – 80 km

Again another straight ride up highway 107.  Some rural farming and lots of small towns.


There red is a lot of fruit available along the way, watermelon, papaya, mangos, bananas strawberries etc.


Click here to meet this young baby


A little video of Chiang Dao to Fang


Bye for now

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Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao – 80 km

While we miss our friends Teresa and Al it was good to get back on the bikes.  As well Excursion Al was wearing us out   It was more restful biking 80 km in a day than it was keeping up with Al  just kidding, we had three great excursions together

It was a smooth ride along highway 107. Here was one climb of about 280 meters.   Lots to see along the way, urban and rural.

We found a great coffee shop off the main road and met this young fellow.


Bye for now

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Some Fun Days In Chiang Mai

We met up again with Teresa and Al and went on some amazing excursions

Elephant Nature Park.  Many years ago, David rode an elephant.  Since than we have been educated on the cruel ways they have to break the spirit of the elephant to allow riders.  For that reason we went o an Elephant rescue operation and had a wonderful day.  No riding, no chains, no gaff hooks, FREEDOM for the elephants.

(The four mahouts – elephant handlers)

(Washing cucumbers so we can feed the adults, babies get peeled bananas)

(T with a baby)

(Janis with n expecting mother, she could feel the baby move)

(Sneaking between the adults to feed the baby)

(Janis splashing an elephant.  They don’t get mad)

(They get even)

Next stop.  Akha cooking school.  There are many tribes in Thailand.  There are about 80,000 Akha in Thailand and they arrived in early 1900’s.  The older members are nation less, but the last generation are Thia citizens.  Click here for more information about the Akha,

(Making spring rolls, Pad Thai and papaya salad)

Next up at hiking day with lots to see

(Our guides to the hike)

(Time for a dip in the cold stream)

A massage a day keeps the doctor away.

By for now

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